Meet Our Staff

Ms Jess Stodart
Acting Headteacher

Ms Nicola Vivian
Acting Deputy Headteacher

Ms Jess Russ
Acting Deputy Headteacher

Ms Lorraine Figueiredo
Assistant Headteacher
Acting SENDCo

Ms Jackie Davies
Child Protection Officer
Family Support Co-ordinator

Early Years Foundation Stage

Ms Bacon
Early Years Leader
Nursery (NVB)

Ms Khan
Nursery (NSK)

Ms Chandler
Nursery (NVB)

Mr Turnbull
Reception (RMT)

Ms Harman
Reception (RPH)

Key Stage 1

Ms Balendran
Year 1 (1TB)

Ms Hanham
Year 1 (1AH)

Ms Sanchez
Year 1 (1SS)

Ms Fossey
Year 2 (2DF)

Ms Brown
Year 2 (2NB)

Ms Owens
Year 2 (2EO)

Key Stage 2

Ms Baker
Year 3 (3CB)

Ms McKenzie
Year 3 (3AM)

Ms Begum
Year 3 (3NB)

Ms Thompson
Year 4 (4HT)

Ms Dickinson
Year 4 (4JD)

Ms Hill
Year 4 (4KH)

Mr Cooper
Year 5 (5JC)

Ms Shaer
Year 5 (5AS)

Ms Russ
Year 5 (5RC)

Ms Cole
Year 5 (5RC)

Mrs Kwateng
Year 6 (6KS)

Mr Sargant
Year 6 (6KS)

Mrs Wilson
Year 6 (6TW)

Non-Class Based Teachers

Ms Greenshields

Ms Chandler

Mr Fielding

Mr Smart

Ms Cole

Ms Jenkins
School Direct

Mrs Steed

Mrs Miller

Ms Hamblin

Ms Chen

Mr Pickton

Special Educational Needs

Ms Figueiredo
SENDCo (Acting)

Mrs Dorrell
English as an Additional Language

Autistic Spectrum Provision (SRP)

Mrs Kidd
Provision Leader

Mrs Brooker
Key Stage 1

Ms Challis
Key Stage 2

Teaching and Learning Support Assistants

Mrs Abdulali

Mrs Asjadi

Mrs Azzabi

Mrs Brenner

Ms Brookes

Ms Bulutoglu

Ms Cervantes

Ms Chittenden-Avis

Ms Clack

Mrs Dorrell

Miss Edwards

Ms Gilbody

Mrs Hall

Mrs Jennings

Mr Jennings

Ms Katoon

Ms McCarthy

Ms McDonnell

Mrs McKearney

Ms McLean

Mr Mcleod

Ms Mirza

Ms Nayiga

Ms Nemeshanyi

Ms Nicholls

Ms O’Connell

Mrs Peardon

Mrs Russell

Ms Simmonds

Ms Sinclair

Mrs Sinha

Mrs S. Smith

Mrs Sweeney

Ms Wicks

Administration / Clerical

Ms Giles
Strategic Information Manager & PA to Headteacher

Mrs Cucciardi
Office Manager

Mrs Dinc

Ms Kerr

Mrs White

Mrs Vethanayagam

Mrs Welsh

Site Management

Mr Davis
Site Manager

Mr Pike
Deputy Site Manager


Ms Sharman

Ms Simmonds

Ms Hammocks

Ms Arokiasamy

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