NSPCC – let’s talk PANTS!

NSPCC -Sharing the PANTS Rule with young children.

See Pantosaurus – our pant-wearing Dino – perform his Pantosaurus song! He wants every child to stay safe and strong, just like him, and he’s on a mission to share an important message.

NSPCC – Let’s Talk PANTS!

Talking PANTS teaches children important messages, like their body belongs to them and they should tell an adult if they’re upset or worried.  For more information about this age-appropriate campaign and how to get started, please click here.

YouTube Safety Fact Sheet

Protect your child from inappropriate content in children’s videos – please click here.

Setting Parental Restrictions

Please click here for advice from AfC.

Snapchat Update for Parents – July 2017 – please click here

Keeping Your Child Safe – Smartphones

Recent national surveys have shown that 75% of parents are unaware of the online activity (mainly texting, using social media and watching inappropriate films) of their children once they have gone to bed. 

We are aware that many of our pupils have access to smartphones, either their own or those of family members.  Safeguarding experts advise parents of primary-aged children to:

  • limit the use of smartphones to family areas of the home
  • activate parental controls and privacy settings (see below)
  • make sure children do not take smartphones with them when they go to bed

Setting Parental Controls

There have been recent reports in the news about the amount of information that children can unknowingly share with strangers when using the internet. It is so important to activate your parental controls which are the names for filters and blockers of certain content and can help you protect your children from the things they shouldn’t see or do online. The report found that many parents put this off because they think it will be difficult…. but it is very easy and quick to do!

www.internetmatters.org has created a guide to parental controls including ‘How-to’ guides to setting up the controls on the major networks, devices, services and entertainment providers in your home, including some of the most popular:

Protect your children by activating simple parental controls around the home……click on the link below:


… and click on ‘GET PROTECTED NOW’ for step by step guides!