King’s Oak Primary is a friendly, thriving, inclusive school at the heart of its local community that provides a wide range of learning settings and experiences for all children who attend it. At King’s Oak, all children are valued as individuals and supported to develop a positive mind-set so they become resilient, pro-active, independent  learners who are well-prepared for the next part of their educational career. The staff, governors, parents and pupils work together to create an exciting, supportive learning environment in which staff provide learning opportunities that capture children’s interests, increase their knowledge, raise their aspirations and prepare them for the challenges of life in the 21st Century.

King’s Oak currently has three forms of entry, from Reception to Year 5, and two forms of entry in Year 6. Our highly recommended specialist resourced provision for children with Autism is at the heart of our school. As a result of recent expansion, we have twelve modern, bright classrooms, a new performance hall and specialist sports pitches set in well maintained, expansive grounds.

King’s Oak has a fantastic, flourishing Two Year Old Provision, Nursery and Early Years provision, where results are improving year on year. At King’s Oak, we carefully support our youngest pupils to develop their social skills, general knowledge, their spoken language, phonics, reading, writing and number skills so they are well prepared for the next stage of their education. Staff and parents, through their close partnership, work together to provide children with well planned, challenging, interesting learning opportunities that are enriched by learning in the outdoor area, trips, visits and encouraging pupils to follow their own interests to learn about the world around them. Our school has four Nursery classes with three intakes per year.

All stakeholders involved with our school recognise its unique strengths and opportunities and work together to provide a secure, happy and inspirational learning environment for every pupil. The highly skilled, committed staff design and provide interesting and challenging learning opportunities within the classroom that are enhanced by a wide range of ‘real life’ learning experiences, including visiting authors, artists and sports men and women to make learning more concrete, relevant and exciting.

King’s Oak recognises that every pupil is unique and so school and individual achievements are celebrated regularly in class and during weekly assemblies. Pupils’ efforts in their learning (not just achievements) are recognised, celebrated and rewarded by all staff so pupils learn to persevere and become emotionally resilient. When they are learning, playing and socialising, pupils are encouraged to reflect on their behaviour and attitude to learning so that they acquire the habit of perseverance and actively learn from their mistakes.

School life at King’s Oak is about much more than academic progress and achievement alone. We offer an extensive array of extra-curricular activities including our popular Breakfast and After School Club and a variety of other clubs, from Spanish Cooking, Teddy Tennis and Football to Robotics and Coding. In this way, we hope to support our wider school community and fire pupils’ enthusiasm so their interests and experiences are further enhanced.

We are committed to building strong and positive relationships with our parents and carers as we believe that, by working together, we can provide the very best education for our children. Parents and carers are welcome to join our Events Team which organises several fun and fundraising events each year for our whole school community. Many parents and carers become even more involved in school life and regularly volunteer their help in class.

Our website provides information and celebrates our children’s achievements. We hope that you will take time to browse and enjoy this window in to the life of our school. If you have any further questions, please do contact our school office; we would be delighted to help you.

Katie Bentham