Lost Property

Please ensure that all items of clothing are clearly marked with your child’s name and encourage your child to take responsibility for his/her own belongings. We have a lost property box at the office desk where children may search for ‘lost’ items. Parents/carers may search through the lost property box too; please ask at our school office. The box is emptied at the end of each half term and all items remaining will be recycled.


No jewellery should be worn except small, plain studs which must be removed or covered for PE (jewellery with religious significance may be worn but there must be a letter of explanation to the class teacher). We would ask you to delay getting your child’s ears pierced until the start of the next summer holiday.  


Money should only be brought to school for school purposes. Please do not allow your child to bring money for any other reason. We can accept no responsibility for money in school.

Mobile Phones

We ask that children do not bring mobile phones to school. These can be very disruptive in the classroom and are easily mislaid. On the rare occasion that your child needs to have a phone in school, please write a letter stating the reason why and ask your child to hand their phone in to our school office before school begins.

We can accept no responsibility for mobile phones in school.

Personal Possessions

We also ask that children leave toys and other items of sentimental value at home. Children easily become distressed if toys are broken or lost. We provide a variety of resources and equipment for break and lunch time activities.