We encourage children to lead healthy lifestyles and we promote healthy eating for all children, whether they have hot meals or bring a packed lunch from home. A well-balanced lunch means that children’s brains are also nourished and they are able to maximise the learning opportunities in the afternoon.

Hot School Meals

Our hot school meals meet the Government standards for food in schools and are provided by a contractor called Cygnet Catering, who supplies many local schools. Hot meals need to be ordered and paid for in advance. 

Each half term your child will bring home a menu and you will have the opportunity to order meals online, either for the whole half term or for a week at a time. Orders and payment need to be received at least a week before the week for which the meals are being ordered. Hot meals are available at £2.21 per day. There are a variety of menus to choose from (vegetarian etc.).

Free School Meals

Children who are entitled to Free School Meals can have a hot meal paid for by the Local Authority. Parents/carers will need to complete a form (or apply online) to confirm eligibility in order to claim these meals. Forms are available from our school office. The administration of this is carried out in as sensitive a manner as possible for the children and families concerned. If you are not sure whether your child is eligible for Free School Meals or you have any queries, please do contact us.

Packed Lunches

Packed lunches should be brought in a named lunch box that can be easily stored. A drink may be included within the lunch box, but please do not send fizzy drinks, cans or bottles, glass or any container that might leak. Please do not give your child any sweets, crisps or chocolate in their lunchbox from Monday to Thursday. Friday is ‘treat day’ and one ‘treat item’ (e.g. bag of crisps or chocolate coated biscuit) is permitted. Sweets are not permitted at any time.


We give all children in Key Stage 1 a piece of fresh fruit each day, which they eat mid-morning. This fruit is provided through Government funding. All other children are welcome to bring a piece of fruit from home or purchase fruit from our Fruit Tuck Shop. We encourage children to eat fruit at break time, as it provides children with energy and helps to avoid the mid-morning slump!

Milk and water

Our school uses a company called Cool Milk to provide milk in individual cartons for children. This is free of charge for under-fives and families entitled to Free School Meals. Order forms are available from our school office. Cool Milk invoices parents/carers directly for the milk their child (over five or not entitled to Free School Meals) has had and any queries should be directed to their helpline on 0800 321 3248.

Water is freely available for all children, throughout our school day. Children are also welcome to bring a small, named water bottle from home which they can keep on their desks and refill at school. We encourage children to drink water regularly as this makes a big difference to their concentration in class. Please do not send frozen water in bottles.