King’s Oak Primary School Events Team includes every parent, carer and member of staff at our school – everyone is a part of it!

Our main role is to organise social and fundraising events which bring our whole school community together for afternoons or evenings of fun (while raising money at the same time!). Some events are non-fundraising and held purely for the enjoyment of the children.

How can I get involved?

Coming along to fundraising and social events or offering to help with the planning or running of events is a great way of providing support. It doesn’t matter if you are not able to come into school – there are always things that can be done at home such as gift wrapping, online research and raffle ticket preparation!

Perhaps you run a business and could donate your time or services…or perhaps you know someone who could offer help in this way.

If you would like to become involved, please pop into the school office to let us know by leaving your name and a contact number!

Meeting together

All of our events are co-ordinated by parent, carer and staff volunteers – the more the merrier!

We aim to meet regularly for a chance to talk through ideas for events.  We also discuss how to spend the money we have helped to raise. These meetings are advertised in newsletters and on our website. They are roughly an hour long and refreshments are provided!

Different volunteers come along to each meeting, depending on what is being discussed, which is brilliant as different viewpoints are always needed!  Some people pop along to meetings on a regular basis – or come to one or two. Everyone is more than welcome to participate in any areas that interest them – there is no pressure!

Each year we hold an Annual General Meeting so that we can share what has been achieved over the last twelve months.