We are committed to equality of opportunity and ensure that every child has equal access to all areas of school life. We believe that every child has the right to achieve his/her full potential, regardless of gender, race, language, physical ability, medical need, special educational need or socio-economic background.

Our commitment extends to all parents, carers, staff, governors and members of our wider community, as we work to ensure that we remove all barriers to participation in school life.

Personalised Provision

Our high quality teaching is tailored to the way in which each child learns best. We identify the support which may be needed to ensure that every child has the provision which will give him/her an equal opportunity to learn and be successful.


We pride ourselves on being an inclusive school. Diversity is valued as a rich resource which supports the learning of all children. Our children benefit from understanding that people are all different, have different needs at times in their lives and that a community which recognises, supports and celebrates these differences is one which is caring and tolerant.

Our school hosts a specialist provision for children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) from across Kingston. Each child allocated a place in this provision is registered with our school and has a place in a mainstream class, of which they are an integral and valued member.

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

The Governing Body has a comprehensive policy for Special Educational Needs which embodies the Code of Practice, is constantly monitored and is reviewed annually. Copies are available from our school office.

During your child’s school life, he/she may experience difficulties which impact on learning. If we assess that your child is not making the expected progress, we identify the best way in which we can help him/her. Most children will need extra support for only a short time or for a particular stage and this will be met through school resources. We have developed a wide range of resources which are available to support children with special educational needs.

Please click here to see our SEND Policy.

Please click here for a link to the Local Offer to find out more about provision for special needs in Kingston.

Please click here to see our SEND Information Report 2017-2018.

More Able

We meet the needs of our more able children by ensuring that they receive a challenging curriculum, which will extend their learning and support them to achieve their full potential. Our Local Authority has a clear policy on the more able child, which we have adopted.

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

At King’s Oak we are fortunate to have a richly diverse community. We have families from many different cultures, for whom English is an additional language. Our EAL co-ordinator ensures that children with EAL are able to access the curriculum and other areas of school life, through a carefully monitored programme of learning. We aim to involve their parents and carers in school life through identifying existing pupils or parents/carers who may be able to aid with translation and through offering Family Language courses. We also have access to ‘Kingston’s Interpreting Service’ which covers all community languages used in our borough.

Access for those with disabilities

All of our school’s main entrances and exits enable wheelchairs to easily access our buildings. We have two toilets with wheelchair access in our school and our corridors are wide and hazard free to allow for unobstructed movement. Our Accessibility Plan, monitored by the Governing Body, ensures that our buildings remain as accessible and user-friendly as possible to meet changing needs. Copies of this are available from our school office.