Breakfast Club

We run a Breakfast Club which opens at 7.45 a.m. and provides breakfast and a variety of activities before school. Our breakfast menu varies and usually includes toast, cereals, milk and a fruit drink. The cost is £4.00 per child, per day. Places are limited and booking forms are available from our school office.

After School Club

Our After School Club is run by our school from 3.10 p.m. – 5.45 p.m. each day. The club includes free choice of play, outside play and a snack. 

Children are able to play with construction games, imaginative play materials (shop set/dolls’ house/dressing up clothes/farm set/train set etc.). There are also arts and craft activities to enjoy e.g. making models/painting/potato prints/making cards.

We have a wide range of resources for outside play including scooters, bats, balls, skipping ropes and hoops.

Do children have a snack?

All children sit at a table together for a snack. A fruit bowl is available and we also offer a choice of: toast, crumpets, rice cakes and crackers served with a range of spreads e.g. jam, marmite. The snack is provided at 5.00 pm.

Registration and Collection

We require parents/carers to fill out a registration form with their details/child’s medical details/allergies etc. before their child starts with us. We register children daily and when children are collected we ask parents/carers to sign the collection book to show the time that their child was collected.


There is a general cost of £11.00 per day or £50 for the whole week.

How can I enrol my child?

Application forms are available from our school office. Please complete one form for each child and return the form(s) to us.