We do not charge for any activity which forms part of the National Curriculum, although we sometimes ask for voluntary contributions. Extra activities, known as ‘curriculum enhancing’ activities (e.g. trips to museums, musical events, sporting events, theatres), enrich our children’s educational experience and provide opportunities for ‘hands on’ learning. Our Governing Body invites parents/carers to contribute to the cost of these activities.

All contributions are voluntary. However, if we do not receive sufficient voluntary contributions, we may be unable to run specific activities. Children whose parents/carers are unwilling or unable to make a voluntary contribution are not prevented from taking part in trips or activities. If making a contribution for trips and activities may cause difficulty, we ask that parents/carers contact us to let us know. For those activities for which we do charge, the charge may be waived in certain circumstances e.g. for families in crisis.  Families are encouraged to talk the Headteacher, in confidence, if they need support.