At King’s Oak we have high expectations for excellent behaviour and respect for others. We promote a community and environment where all members can work safely, happily and productively together. Our behaviour policy is understood by all and consistently adhered to, throughout our school. We expect all parents and carers to support our behaviour policy (please ask for a copy if you wish).

At the heart of our behaviour policy are our School Rules. These are:

  • Follow all instructions from an adult in school.
  • Respect people and property.
  • No swearing, teasing or play fighting.
  • Keep hands, feet and objects to ourselves.

We believe that:

  • All behaviour is a choice and that we are all responsible for the choices we make and therefore the consequences of them.
  • Good behaviour should be rewarded and celebrated.


  • Praise and positive recognition for being good
  • Class points
  • Stickers, certificates or other reward
  • Commended to the Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher
  • Parents/carers informed of excellence
  • Reward for the tidiest classroom
  • Reward for the most punctual class
  • Reward for the class with best attendance
  • Reward for the smartest class

Acknowledging good behaviour

  • ‘Good Behaviour Certificate’
  • Commendation in newsletters
  • Certificates/stickers for good or notable behaviour at lunchtime
  • ‘Certificate of Achievement’ for work
  • Praise; phone calls home


  • First warning = Verbal Warning
  • Second warning = Written Warning = 5 minutes off Golden Time
  • Third warning = time out at the ‘time out table’ in the classroom and 10 minutes off Golden Time
  • Fourth warning = time (up to one lesson) spent learning in another class supported by staff and 15 minutes off Golden Time
  • Fifth warning = ‘Headteacher Stage’, which means half a day spent learning in another class supported by staff, lunchtime detention and missing all Golden Time

During lunchtime detention, children are supported to talk and think about how they behave and what they will do differently (restorative justice approach) when they return to the playground or their own class.

Extreme behaviour can also result in external exclusion (out of school) for a period of time

If a child develops significant behavioural difficulties, parents/carers will be informed as soon as possible and joint discussions will be held to agree strategies which will support the child.

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