The move to Gmail will be happening in the first week of the Easter break (exact date TBC). Over the next day or so, you will receive a text message with your new login details.

The password you will receive via text is temporary and can be used to access emails via the Gmail app or via a Google Chrome browser. Your temporary password will give you access to emails and Google drives over the Easter break.

You need to use your new login at school upon your return after Easter or you will not be able to access your emails correctly. When you return to school after Easter and you sign into one of the school PCs (with your new login and password, provided via text), the PC will prompt you to set a new password.

During the moving of the email accounts, you will not be able to access your emails for a day or two (we are currently awaiting confirmation on the date and time required for the move to take place).

All emails that are in your current school email account or shared mailboxes will be transferred over to Gmail.

After the Easter break, we will be sending out instructions on how to transfer ownership of the Google classrooms to your new account.

If you have any questions or are having problems after the email move, send Colin an email and he can help.