All children receive homework which is planned to support learning in school and raise standards. Homework is always issued with clear instructions. The time taken to complete each homework task will vary, from child to child and task to task. If your child struggles with any aspect of the homework or appears to be spending an excessive amount of time on it, please do let us know. You are welcome to make a note in his/her homework book or come and see us at any time.

Homework aims:

  • To encourage children to extend their learning beyond the school day.
  • To give children the experience of studying and working independently.
  • To ensure that parents/carers know what their child is currently learning, so that they can more easily support their child’s progress at home.
  • To show children that learning is a 24-hour activity and is not limited to the school buildings.

Daily home learning for all

Skills which are crucial to children’s progress in all subjects (e.g. spellings/times tables) need constant repetition and therefore need daily practice. Parents and carers are encouraged to help with these activities. Children can make more progress with parent/carer support.

Regular daily reading practice is necessary for improvement and for developing a wide interest in the written word. Children read to adults at school but we need the help of their family to encourage: interest in and enjoyment of reading material; improvement in reading standards; the ability to interpret and discuss stories.

Completing written work

Children may need to complete written work at home because they:

  • Have become involved with a piece of work and want to finish it.
  • Have wasted time or not given their best effort and need to understand that this is unacceptable (parents/carers will be informed, if this is the case).
  • Need to develop ideas formulated in class and which need research at home e.g. visiting a library, questioning relatives, summarising a T.V./radio programme.
  • Have a homework task set by the class teacher.


Each child, from our Nursery upwards, is provided with a Reading Record to record the books which have been read. We ask parents/carers to sign this record, after reading with their child, adding any relevant comments. In Nursery and Reception, children have reading cards which are sent home each day and should be signed and completed each night. By the time children reach Year 6 they are expected to read at home but also keep a reading diary at school which will be monitored by their class teacher.